Back to school!

We spent a day riding bikes at the Sukhothai ruins. The cab driver from the train station took us to the wrong hotel, out in the middle of nowhere. We were beginning to think it was not worth the extra travel to get here. Once we were at the ruins we changed our minds. Very few tourists had come to visit the park. Groups of school kids were practicing their English. A fun part of the day was sitting with an old woman under a tree and having a Coke. Seeing Khmer ruins in a place like this was amazing.

Cleaning out the pantry


We spent  four solid days cleaning  the house.  We were amazed!  15 truck loads of garbage/Goodwill and we were still cleaning.  The best part was clearing out the pantry with Richard and Sandra.  Canned salmon, balsamic vinegar and vienna sausages sure are delicious.  We passed on  the cans that expired seven years ago.  Looking forward to Peking Duck in Beijing next week.