Track&Field in Zimbabwe?

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We were driving and looking for a place to pitch our tents and we met the principle of this school, so he said where to go and let us camp in his school. At the school we met a sport officiator and told us that they had a Track&Field Competition. These are the female athletes from his school.


Kruger National Park


Rhinos are an amazing creature to watch!


So far this is the biggest elephant we’ve seen.


These Elephant’s won’t leave us alone! A car will drive by them perfectly fine then we drive by and they try to kill us!


Most people get killed by Rhino’s from staying on their path. They don’t want to kill you, they just want to get back to the water.


Cape Buffalo are scary. We saw the first to last buffalo in this herd, there were over 500!


Wildebeest are mostly found by zebra and impala so all three animals can use each others different senses in case their under attack.


Giraffes are one crazy animal! They only have seven neck vertebrae just like humans, yet their neck is so long!


The most exciting part thing we saw in Kruger was these two cheetah’s. They stalked and chased a herd of zebra and missed… They run so fast!

Addo elephant park



Caution! Dung Beatles Have Right of Way


We heard the bushes crash down as we

were driving and BAM theres an elephant


Nobody really knows the character of Pumbaa from

“The Lion King” until you actually see a warthog



There were way too many zebra’s in the park


With the size of those horns, I don’t think

you’ll wanna wear red clothes in front

of that!