Konglor Cave, Laos


We went to see the Konglor Cave in Laos. It was pitch black in there, so we had to rent these super powerful flashlights (they were kinda like the headlamps used for mining). You have to take a boat through the cave because it is full of water from the river that runs inside and outside of it. It was so beautiful and the rocks are very impressive.

5 thoughts on “Konglor Cave, Laos

  1. Looks like you all are having a great time. What a wonderful cave! Wanted to make sure you all knew we were thinking about you and haven’t forgotten about you. Much love from home. Julie

  2. Living vicariously through all of your awesome adventures, the pics are great! Miss Lily, your postcards brighten my day every time I find them in the mail. I have them posted all over my desk at work! Miss you all, xoxo.

  3. where are you guys – no posts since the hurricane- love and miss you! Danny went on hospice today. I would love to see you if you ever come home.

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