Addo elephant park



Caution! Dung Beatles Have Right of Way


We heard the bushes crash down as we

were driving and BAM theres an elephant


Nobody really knows the character of Pumbaa from

“The Lion King” until you actually see a warthog



There were way too many zebra’s in the park


With the size of those horns, I don’t think

you’ll wanna wear red clothes in front

of that!



6 thoughts on “Addo elephant park

  1. I still can’t believe you are in Africa. Crazy!
    I really love seeing all your photos. The one of Timon is my favorite in this batch.

  2. It’s great seeing all the updates from ya’ll as you make your way around the world!! We’re so very jealous and we hope everything is just excellent!

  3. Africa is amazingly diverse, crazy with animals I only see on PBS. Love the dung beetle sign, I should have one
    to hang behind my dung beetle stained glass lamp shade! How wonderful Karisa came to visit. Love Aunt Karen

  4. It’s all sooooo amazing. Glad you all are having such an amazing time. I will look forward to the book to follow.
    Greetings from flagstaff

  5. Love your blog. 😀

    Not sure if I understand what you mean with the comment on the warthog. Timon was the Meerkat, the Warthog was called Pumbaa. Still, very awesome. 🙂

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