Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in Botswana…



Sometimes rainy season isn’t best to travel back roads. We should have told people where we were going.SAM_0204

Here we are taking a break before we continue to dig out our car.We ended up being stuck for five and a half hours until the mud decided to dry up. The whole family was tired and sore, but we learned a lesson.

4 thoughts on “Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in Botswana…

  1. Glad to hear you finally got out of the mud. I guess you can’t just call AAA for help when you are out in the middle of ???? Enjoy the rest of your trip. We envy your adventures . . . most of the time.

  2. Africa and the culture is so beautiful in the most simple of ways, you’ve met some amazing
    people. Happy Brithday Kari, one you will always remember. I want a cheeta !
    Dennis wrote, we’ll be taking Mom’s ashes to Utah on the 20th of May followed by
    lunch at Milagros with Dave. Love to all, Aunt Karen

  3. Lily and Miles have really changed in this year of travel, Miles into a handsome young man and Lily into a beautiful
    young girl and Lily’s blogs are so artfully wirtten and have a sense of humor as well, carry on !
    It snowed 5 inches last week-end in Flag and Flag is getting it’s first R.E.I., you’ll all love that. Travel safe.

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