Sans Bushman, Namibia


We stayed the night in a San’s village. Everything they make comes from nature. This is going to be a bow string made from a plant fiber.


 In a trance, the medicine man waits for an answer. He needs to know what to use to heal a patient. The ancestors give him the cure. The medicine man rubbed his charcoal burnt hair on us and blew in our ears to scare away evil spirits.     


Mom made some new friends and we bought some of their jewlrey made of ostrich egg shells.


 This is Lily whittling her own bow. They also showed us how to dig up tubers and drink water trapped in a tree.  The Sans can live with very little water and made fun of us for buying water in a store.








Miles went hunting with the Bushman. He’s using the bow he made.  The Sans aren’t allowed to hunt animals anymore, so we shot at a target. Now they are forced to shop in a store.

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