Skeleton Coast…



The Skeleton Coast is not named for all the shipwrecks and sailors that died, but for all the whale skeletons found. The Bushmen called this coast “The land God made in anger.”


20140402_144226(1) (2)


As far as you can see, there is nothing here. The roads are made of salt and the wind is fierce.

4 thoughts on “Skeleton Coast…

  1. Hi! I just finished reading about your family in the Toronto Star and had to check your blog out. What an amazing trip you are on! Your pictures are wonderful. I’m going to show my kids tomorrow. I look forward to reading more about your adventures! Take care!

    Amanda (from Guelph, Ontario)

  2. Wow. Just wow. I’ve read about you in an italian magazine, that translated the article of The New York Times about you guys. I love travel too, but you guys are amazing and your parents are THE best parents ever. Greetings from Italy – Alessandro

  3. Great fotos, great idea traveling! I am on the other end of the age curve and just returned from a four month RTW with a month in Namibia. (14 air stops)
    I had a free in country trip with an upscale travel agency that flew us to the various camps and did not get down and dirty to pull cars out. Did visit “reggy” the friendly seal near swapomund. He travelled with us as a group and this large seal wanted to sit on your lap-funny .
    Luv your blog! Happy trails, Condor.

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