A Stop in New London, CT

After a 9 hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai…then a 10 hour layover….then a 13 hour flight to Boston we rented a car and drove 2 hours to New London, Connecticut. There we  went to watch Karisa, our sister, in a regatta.  We got to meet her friends and tour her college, the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

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Sossusvlei is a National park that is famous for it’s sand dunes.


It also has the most photographed dead trees in the world.



We watched the sunrise on dune #42 and then climbed Big Daddy (the biggest dune in the park that you can walk on). We didn’t get to the dune until 11:00 am. Even though the sand burnt our feet, running down was the best part of the day. It seemed as if we would never get to the bottom.

Skeleton Coast…



The Skeleton Coast is not named for all the shipwrecks and sailors that died, but for all the whale skeletons found. The Bushmen called this coast “The land God made in anger.”


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As far as you can see, there is nothing here. The roads are made of salt and the wind is fierce.

My dream…



There is a cheetah farm in Namibia. These lucky people have 4 pet cheetahs and 9 wild cheetahs. The tame cheetahs live at their house and play with the dogs. 



I can’t believe we were able to play with these cheetahs for an hour. They purred when we petted them.